About Haderlie Farms

Location: Thayne, WY

Raw milk, beef, pork, lamb, vegetables, cut flowers in season, local honey and compost

Haderlie Farms is a diverse family farm that focuses on soil restoration to produce nutrient dense foods. Originally a dairy farm, the operation has been in the family since 1945. Haderlie grows a large variety of vegetables, flowers, and herbs. They also as raise beef, pork, and laying chickens.

“For those of you that remember “Old McDonald Had A Farm” song, we are an Old McDonald kind of farm with a moo, moo here and an oink, oink there and many other things as well! In fact we feel it’s important to be diverse to encourage the natural cycles of nature, which includes both plants and animals. And now to facilitate the biological activity and diversity in our soil we have started WyoFarm Composting. We collect food scraps from individuals and businesses and bring them to the farm where we work to turn them into beneficial compost that helps us grow nutrient dense food for animals and humans. We help minimize landfill waste and in turn your food scraps come back to you in the form of spinach or milk or a pork chop! Together, we can do better than the landfill!”  -Curtis Haderlie

Contact: www.haderliefarms.com

Find Haderlie Farms 

Find at the People’s Market, the Jackson Hole Farmers Market and through farmmatch.com.


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