Scott Steen

Executive Director

Scott Steen has cultivated a lifelong passion for how people interact with the natural world. Scott first moved to Jackson, WY in 1999, and apart from a few intermittent departures, has lived here ever since. He has traveled extensively, worked in sustainability and outdoor education, and found his way into (and out of) plenty of backcountry adventures. He is passionate about local food as both a celebration of community and culture, and as a key back door into sustainability. He loves music, laughter, good friends, gardens, eating great food, and dressing up like a yeti. Scott has BA in Environmental Science and Spanish from Willamette University and is a graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder’s Sustainable Practices Program. Scott is a certified Zero Waste Business Associate thorough the US Zero Waste Business Council.

Ashley Cassat

Director of Operations

In search of seasons, mountains, and an adventure, Ashley made Jackson her home in 2017. Before moving, she spent a decade committed to creating a healthier and more sustainable food system in San Diego, California. Ashley obtained her Master’s Degree in Public Health and Nutrition Education from the University of Southern California and went on to work in the educational setting. Before packing up and heading to the Tetons, she was the Farm to School Specialist at San Diego Unified School District where she managed their four-million dollar fresh produce contract, local produce purchasing, and developed education programs. Ashley is dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle, eating locally, and creating a connection between people and their food. Ashley finds purpose in advancing the local food movement, education, developing community, and working to create a healthier and more sustainable food system. Ashley has fallen in love with the beautiful landscape, majestic mountains, and the small but mighty food community in Jackson. In her free time, Ashley enjoys hiking, camping, snow shoeing, learning to ski, shopping at the farmer’s markets, and cooking.

Ian McGregor

Board President

Ian started a career related to Slow Food entirely by accident. When he graduated from Skidmore College with a shiny new degree in English it was December 2008 and the economy had just avalanched. So instead of launching into the teaching scene, he started a small garden in a south facing window and waited for spring. He opened a small stand at the Jackson Hole Farmers Market and sold salad greens and baked goods that summer as a way to make a little money. Since then, he has used farming as an excuse to travel and live in new places, from sunny California to chilly Chilean Patagonia. Recently he spent a year working at Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture outside NYC. In October 2014 he moved back to his hometown of Jackson to farm full time and embrace Jack Frost as a friend not a foe.

Shauna Lockhart

Vice President

Shauna moved to Jackson from Seattle in 2010 and became interested in the local food scene when she married a grassfed cattle rancher and started spending time in a giant vegetable garden. During college Shauna found a passion for healthy, sustainable food while living among the hippies at UC Berkeley. Shauna owns a small graphic design and marketing company and spends her free time hiking, skiing, gardening, cooking and looking after her kids Amelia and Callahan, her dog Bruin, and her flock of laying hens.

Morgan Bruemmer

Originally from Georgia, Morgan moved to Jackson in 2002. His love of the Rocky Mountains, fly-fishing, and the desire to be a part of a vibrant, sophisticated, mountain community led him to Jackson Hole. He is one of The Clear Creek Group’s Founding Partners and joined the Slow Food in the Tetons’ board in the fall of 2017. Morgan’s path to Jackson was circuitous, but well worth the time and effort. After managing a boutique wine wholesale company in Atlanta and graduating from The University of Georgia, Morgan concluded a change of pace was in order, and the quest to develop a high-end, fly-fishing lodge began. When it became apparent the development of such a lodge was neither desirable, nor feasible in or near Jackson, a search for trends in hospitality ensued; luxury villa rentals became the obvious alternative, and The Clear Creek Group was conceived. Residing in Teton Village, Morgan enjoys cooking, wine, fly-fishing, and travel, and it was his travels in Italy that helped transform what was a dysfunctional relationship with food, to one that is healthy, sustainable, and enjoyable. It is that awakening that piqued his interest in Slow Food and its mission to educate and support local, sustainable food production.

Stephanie Thomas


Stephanie Thomas has been in the valley since 2002. She is currently the Executive Director of the Teton County Search and Rescue Foundation and is also a volunteer for the TCSAR team. Her love of “good” food started back in 6th grade when she nominated herself as the dinner maker of the family–looking up recipes, writing grocery lists and experimenting in the kitchen. She loves traveling (to visit Farmers Markets) and reading (good cookbooks with stories) and being outdoors as much as possible. She lives in East Jackson with her husband and 3 squirrelly kids.

Julie Dery


Julie moved to Jackson in 2014 in pursuit of a more outdoor lifestyle. With a background in advertising, she is now running her own graphic design business, specializing in branding. Midwestern at heart, her personal food philosophy has evolved and is borrowed from food author, Mark Bittman—to eat “real” food and to be a “less-meat-atarian.” She is inspired by the creativity, love, and effort that the Teton community puts into producing its food.

Brent Tyc

Brent moved to Wilson in 2007 where he has worked as a bagel baker, whitewater kayak instructor, lumberjack and ranch hand. In 2015, after years of hobby gardening, he went pro and started a small-scale organic vegetable farm on his wife’s family’s horse ranch. Since then he has been on a mission to show that food can be grown in this valley and to help grow the local food movement here. Brent holds a degree in Physics from Northern Arizona University, loves to cook and bake and eat, and when he’s not too tired from farming, likes to paddle, bike and ski.

Ali Shafranek Wheeler

Ali grew up in North Carolina and cultivated her love of food at an early age. Her dad was a traveling salesman, and several times a year he would turn his business trips into family trips, traveling around the country together in a conversion van, sampling the local (strange) cuisines of the lower 48 states. Ali still loves to travel and her first stop on a trip is always the local farmer’s market or grocer.

Ali graduated from the University of Georgia in 2003, and her best college friend convinced her to move to Jackson for one winter – she has lived and worked in Jackson ever since. She owns a pet care business, Chasing Tails.

Ali enjoys playing outdoors with her husband, two young boys, and her tiny dog. One of her favorite summer activities is attending the Wednesday People’s Market.

Pam Case

Pam is from the Midwest having grown up in Iowa right along the Mississippi River. She is a graduate of the University of Iowa in Iowa City, Iowa. With a professional background in education, travel and sales she has enjoyed a variety of occupations. More recently she has worked for the past 18 years at the Jackson Hole Land Trust in fundraising. She is currently working for Dancers’ Workshop and is looking forward to serving on the Board of Slow Food in the Tetons. She has always loved to cook and entertain and has always been a fan of the Peoples Market, the Farm Stand and is thrilled to be a part of a group that she has always admired. In her free time she likes to travel and explore as much of the world as possible.

Paul Wireman

Paul discovered Jackson when on a family trip in the mid-1990s.  He yearned to move back to the mountains after having lived in Alaska in his pre-teen years. Following completion of his formal education, Paul moved to Jackson in 2003 to work at the Snake River Grill.  Two years later he and his partner opened Trio, An American Bistro. Focus was on sourcing sustainable non-commodity high quality foods. The reputation of Trio afforded Paul and his partner in 2012 to open Local Restaurant and Bar on Jackson’s famous Town Square. Running Local successfully presented an opportunity to uphold the Trio focus on sustainable food production on a large scale.

Living in Jackson couldn’t be a better balance of work and play.  Paul enjoys going on adventures with his wife Jessica and their two kids.  In his free time he enjoys cooking, skiing and biking.

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