Local healthy food for all.

Slow Food in the Tetons works to grow our local and regional sustainable food economy by supporting producers, educating consumers and connecting them together in the spirit of good, clean and fair food.

What is Slow Food?

Slow food is the opposite of fast food. It’s not overly processed or shipped in frozen from who knows where to be eaten out of a paper bag in your car or at your desk.

Slow Food is delicious and healthy food, grown in a way that is good for our planet, good for our bodies, and accessible to all. Slow food is cooked lovingly so that ingredients and their nutrients shine and it’s eaten amongst family, friends or soon to be friends so that it can be enjoyed.


Most of us are lucky get enough to eat every day, several times a day.

And every single every bite has implications for our health, our community, the economy, and even our planet.

So the easiest way we can have a positive impact on those things is to slow down and think about how and what we eat.

Our job is to help people eat slower.

When we slow down we think about what we eat.

When we slow down we think about where our food comes from.

When we slow down we choose where and with whom we eat.

When we slow down we realize everyone deserves access to fresh local food.

And the more we slow down is the more we keep slowing down, because it’s so much more delicious and fun and fulfilling.

We are educating kids and adults about where their food comes from.

We are making it easier for consumers to find the food producers in our region.

We are making it easier for local food producers to sell directly to local consumers.

And we are creating events that bring our community together over the shared experience of great food.

Our goal is to increase the amount of food the Teton community produces so that we can all eat better than ever before.

We are Slow Foods in the Tetons.

Local Healthy Food for All

Ian McGregor’s Farm, photo courtesy of Lucas Ayoub

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