Week 6. Slow Cocktails with JH Still Works Part 2

Craft distillers Travis Goodman and Chas Marsh of JH Still Works mix up a variety of farm fresh, local ingredients into a tasty seasonal adventure.


Week 5. Late Bloomer Ranch Tour with Corinne McAndrews

Rancher Corinne McAndrews takes viewers on a tour of morning chores at Late Bloomer Ranch and the regenerative practices underway in this livestock and garden operation.


Week 4. Venison Carpaccio and Beet Relish Recipe and Knife Skills

with Kim Kent of New West Knife Works

Chef Kim Kent prepares a simple, elegant dish using seasonal, locally sourced ingredients. Highlights include a knife skills overview, onion slicing demonstration, and advice for seasoning and plating carpaccio style dishes.


Week 3. In Garden Recipes with Consider It Taco

Chef Caroline Cox prepares fresh from the garden zucchini pancakes and tzatziki for community gardeners. The snacks are accompanied by cocktails mixed with freshly harvested ingredients by garden coordinator, Emmie Johnson.

Download recipes here: Zucchini Pancakes  Garden Cocktails


Week 2. Preserved Lemons with Ian McGregor

Chef Ian demonstrates the steps to preserve lemons, intensifying their flavor and making them available for use in recipes throughout the year. Excerpt from a food preservation unit with JH Community School students in February 2021.

Bonus Video: Quick Pickling with JH Community School Students!


Week 1. Cooking with the Captain: Tomato Basil Salmon

Captain Steve Kurian from Pride of Bristol Bay introduces viewers to his wild sockeye salmon fishing operation in Bristol Bay, Alaska, describes his net-to-table sustainable fishing practice, discusses his relationship with Slow Food in the Tetons, and prepares a beautiful tomato basil fillet using ingredients straight from the garden.

Link to download Tomato Basil Salmon Recipe



Archived Videos:

Slow Cocktails with JH Still Works

Follow along as craft distillers Travis Goodman and Chas Marsh mix up a variety of farm fresh, local ingredients into a tasty seasonal adventure called Down the Rabbit Hole!


Knife Skills with Buck Milligan

Join Chopped Jr. Champion Buck Milligan as he teaches cutting techniques using locally made New West Knifeworks knives and Slow Food Farmstand veggies. All New West Knifeworks store sales on Tuesday Sept 8th will be donated to Slow Food in the Tetons!


High Altitude Community Gardening:
Brent Tyc (Huidekoper Ranch) + Lori Clark-Erickson (Blair Garden)

Tips on how to plant, grow, and care for soil to maximize high altitude harvest, including strategies specific to community gardens and locally available supplies and resources. 


Butchering Skills with Rodrigo Felipe Martinez of Snake River Grill

An expert butcher demonstrates the many cuts derived from a whole Haderlie Farms lamb and his appreciation for local, responsibly raised animals.


Lard, Tallow, and Fat…What to do with all that?

Learn how a whole animal butcher shop turns fats into nutrient rich ingredients for all natural tallow balm and biscuit recipes.


Kids Fruit Pies with Chef Ian

Chef Ian teaches young bakers how to make desert from the garden in this fun-filled, hands-on kitchen adventure.


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