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Slow Food begins with each of us, in the hearts, head and stomachs of responsible eaters, farmers, cooks, teachers, politicians, grandparents…

The diversity of Slow Food’s members is one of its greatest strengths. As a grassroots organization, the members play a firsthand role by organizing events and campaigns and by taking part in local, national and international activities.

As a member you:

  • Join a network of like-minded individuals… from Mexican campesiños and French chefs, to Mongolian herdsmen and Berkeley professors, Vietnamese fisher folk and Italian wine producers… all different, all unique, all working towards the same goal. Slow Food provides the opportunities for sharing and collaboration.
  • Join a local convivium and become involved to protect and enjoy your culinary heritage and promote good, clean and fair food in your community.
  • Support the Slow Food philosophy in practice – slow down and use your senses to become a ‘co-producer’, a responsible consumer who chooses to enjoy quality food produced in harmony with the earth and local cultures. What’s good for you is good for the planet!
  • Get plenty of food for thought and stay in touch with the worldwide Slow Food network through electronic and printed publications – monthly Slow Food and Terra Madre newsletter, the Slow Food Almanac, an annual review of what’s happening in the Slow Food world, and the Slow Food Companion (first time members) – as well as through local, regional and international events.