Executive Director

Scott Steen, Executive Director


Scott Steen has cultivated a lifelong passion for and interest in how people interact with the natural world. Scott first moved to Jackson in 1999, and apart from a few intermittent departures, has lived here ever since. Like so many others in the valley, he feels incredibly connected to this place. He has traveled extensively, worked in sustainability and outdoor and farm to table education, and found his way into (and out of) plenty of back country adventures. He is passionate about local food as both a celebration of community and culture, and as a key sustainability solution. He loves music, laughter, good friends, gardens, recycling, eating great food, and dressing up like a yeti.

Scott currently serves on the Teton County Integrated Solid Waste & Recycling Advisory Board, where he helps lead the Zero Waste Committee, and the Jackson Hole & Yellowstone Sustainable Destinations Program Steering Committee. Scott has BA in Environmental Science from Willamette University and is a graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder’s Sustainable Practices Program. Scott is a certified Zero Waste Business Associate thorough the US Zero Waste Business Council.

In addition to working for Slow Food in the Tetons, Scott operates a consulting company called inSight Sustainability, LLC. He founded inSight to have an active role in creating a sustainable future for Jackson Hole. inSight Sustainability has grown organically from the demand of business owners seeking sustainability-based strategic planning and guidance.