Regional Food Guide

Local Food Guide fall 2014

We recently partnered with Dishing magazine to produce our first local food guide (above). Please find an additional list of local and regional producers below. We strive to connect you with these amazing producers as one way to live the “Slow life.”

Beer and Wine

Grand Teton Brewing

Wyoming Wine Broker:

Bread and Pastries 

460 Bread

Kick’n Gluten Free Bakery

Persephone Bakery

Mr. McGregor’s Garden

Coffee and Tea

Dragon Lady Teas

Great Northern Coffee

Snake River Roasting Company

Teton Coffee Company


Ballard Family Dairy and Cheese

Larks Meadow Farm

Moo’s Ice Cream

Paradise Springs Farm

Reed’s Dairy

Teton Valley Creamery

Winter Winds Farm

Farm to Table

Morley’s Acres Farm and Bed and Breakfast


Aspens Market

Aspens Farmer’s Market

Jackson Hole Farmer’s Market

Jackson Whole Grocer

The People’s Market

Meat and Butchers

Haderlie Farms

HD Dunn & Son Angus Beef

Brady’s Idaho Beef


Blue Flax Farm

Brady’s Plant Ranch

Cosmic Apple Farm

Darby Canyon Gardens:

Evergreen Farm

Liberty Tomato Company

Mountain Valley Mushrooms

Painted Sage Farm

Snowdrift Farm

Teton Botanical Garden

Full Circle Farm

Wyomatoes Organic Farm

Other Products

Teton Pepper Friends (hot sauces)

Are you a local or regional producer? Please send us your website and or facebook information and we will list your information on this page.

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